Midnight, Mass.

Midnight, Mass.  is a comic book series created by writer John Rozum , published by DC Comics ‘ Vertigo imprint in 2002. The series follows married occult experts Adam and Julia Kadmon as they deal with supernatural boxes around America. In a 2011 interview concerning the relaunch of his  Xombi  series, Rozum revealed that Adam and Julia were conceived as leading characters for a potential Xombi spin-off back when the series was still being published by Milestone Comics .  [1] Read more “Midnight, Mass.”

Midnight Tales

The book was “hosted” by  Professor Coffin  (aka  The Midnight Philosopher  ) and his niece  Arachne,  publishedby Wayne Howard and published by Charlton Comics from 1972 to 1976.  Midnight Tales  was an American horror -suspense anthology comic book series. (  1)  The setting, Xanadu University , was a tie-in with the Charlton E-Man series. Read more “Midnight Tales”

Midnight Sounds

The  Midnight Sons  is a fictional team of supernatural superheroes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics . Including Hellstorm , Jennifer Kale , Morbius , Werewolf by Night , and Ghost Riders Danny Ketch and Johnny Blaze , the team first appeared in  Ghost Rider  (Vol 3) # 28 (August 1992). From December 1993-August 1994, Marvel Branded All Stories Involving the Group with a Separate Family Imprint and Cover Treatment. Read more “Midnight Sounds”

Threat (Atlas Comics)

Menace  was a 1953 to 1954 American crime / horror anthology comic book series published by Atlas Comics , the 1950s precursor of Marvel Comics . It is best known for the first appearance of the supernatural Marvel character the Zombie , in a standalone story that became the basis for the 1970s black-and-white comics magazine  Tales of the Zombie  . As well, a standalone story in the final issue has been made by the human robot, aka M-11 , the Human Robot. Read more “Threat (Atlas Comics)”

Memetic (comic)

Memetic  is an apocalyptic horror comic book series that was created by James Tynion IV , with art by Eryk Donovan and coloring by Adam Guzowski.  [1]  The series was published monthly by BOOM! Studios as three oversized issues, beginning in October 2014. In October 2015, BOOM! Studios released all three issues, with extra features from the writer and artist, in trade paperback form. Read more “Memetic (comic)”

Marvel Classics Comics

Marvel Classics Comics was an American comics magazine which ran from 1976 until 1978. It specialized in adaptations of literary classics such as Moby-Dick , The Three Musketeers , and The Iliad . It was Marvel Comics ‘ attempt to pick the mantle of Classics Illustrated , which stopped publishing in 1971. 36 issues of Marvel Classics Comics were published, 12 of them being reprinted from another publisher’s work. Read more “Marvel Classics Comics”

Marley Davidson

Marley Davidson  (sometimes referred to as “Marley Davidson: Bronx Exorcist”) is a fictional comic book character created by writer and comic book artist Sandy Jimenez . It made icts first appearance on June 15, 1995 in the self-titled independent comic book  Marley Davidson  , qui chronicled the exploits of a Jamaican ex-priest, operating as an exorcist and monster hunter in New York City .  [1] Read more “Marley Davidson”