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from 29 August 2007


      Human Dirge is a very young Italian music band promoting the trash/death metal type music. In case of this band classed as young does not necessarily mean that it is inexperienced. Their productions show maturity, are well produced, and what is perhaps most important, emanate a passion and sincerity.
      Their compositions offered on the disc are rather in medium tempo bud they do not lack the raw sound and aggressiveness. Lyrical frame is wholly English but vocal parts are mostly normal singing with deep growl from time to time. This vocal solution was a big surprise for me because from the very beginning John's voice looked for me more appropriate for heavy metal, but with time I became convinced that this very voice gives the originality to the Human Dirge music. Nearly all the time the music is dynamic and full of energy, while from time to time there are slower parts adding a little of melancholy. Melodies based on interesting riffs quickly penetrate into one's memory, especially in the case of very nice composition 'Behind the Lack' which at once became my favorite number one.
      In my opinion Human Dirge is on the right way to develop their own characteristic style and to achieve success. This however you can judge on your own because at the band's website myspace all compositions included in the 'Embryo' can be found. For those who will be especially enchanted by this music there is info included on purchase possibilities of this fine disc.

Added: May 30th 2008
Reviewer: AngeL
Related Link: www.myspace.com/humandirge
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