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from 29 August 2007

KOMMANDANT The Draconian Archetype

      I could not wait for the Kommandant's coming album entitled The Draconian Archetype and here it is! I had the feeling the material was going to be interesting and I need to remark that the content of the album did not disappoint me at all. Seems even like the band have exceeded my expectations.
       First of all, the scope of vigour and intensity, with which Kommandant attack us from the start come to attention. Straight after launching the record we are submitted to a monstrous battery of condensed wall of sounds savage, obscure, aggressive and monumental. The exalted motility of the rhythm section, a storm of venomous, at times complex guitar riffs with perfectly arranged and performed vocal parts. Intentional chaos and sonic extermination here being weapons under total control of the Americans, in order to in under an hour shatter the mind with premeditation. The warlike character of the whole concept and its thoroughly permeating spirit of dehumanisation are successfully maintained throughout the album and even during the slower parts (which are quite a few here) Kommandant does not lack expression. Indeed, the album evokes truly hellish atmosphere, which is increasingly engulfing with prolonged listening and which does not want to leave afterwards. It leaves the psyche profoundly scarred. Of course, we may find on The Draconian Archetype similarities common to the works of plethora of other bands (Mayhem, Ad Hominem, Emperor), however a remark has to be made: the capacity to link many extreme elements of thrash, death and black metal has been mastered by the musicians of Kommandant at a very high standard. Despite having employed the genre's classic or well known tools-of-the-trade, the album sound impressively modern, I would even risk using the term avant garde and it is important to note that, in fact, since the debut release the band has progressed significantly. One can feel this specifically in the area of composing practice, which is devoid of randomness and naive simplicity of band's early period. This material is multi-dimensional and highly coherent at the same time, balanced as well as monstrous. In addition to this, the production is spacious and transparent, the sounds attack from all sides and cut through the listener's flesh causing horror on the edge of insanity. I imagine being encircled with a panzer division, which in a moment will literally blow me off the battlefield. Kommandant hate resistance, they do not argue, neither do they take hostages. This is fucking war, where you are prejudged to be eaten alive. This is the sentence after which comes the immediate execution. Fans of musical totalitarianism and extreme stuff should frankly get a copy of the album as this will for sure be one of the strongest acts this year. I do not claim that The Draconian Archetype brings anything innovative or revolutionary to its music category, it at times even seems quite conformist, although the solidity of the whole work leaves a very positive impression.


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