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from 29 August 2007

STILLBORN Los Asesinos del Sur

       It was fate I had a great thrill to commune with the latest product from Stillborn long time before its premiere. I am grateful to the... Fate. I do prefer to listen to rather than write about music, but I must share a few words about this great album. The newest Stillborn?s album surprised me a bit? in a very positive way. Not that I expected crap, it?s rather impossible, but I expected the material more similar to the previous recordings of this pack of murderers. It sounds excellent. Very ?non-Polish?, oldschool, dirty and strong! Somehow it was possible to record an intense death metal album that doesn?t sound plastic but just aggressively natural. The new album is entitled ?Los Asesinos del Sur? ? The Murderers from the South. It sounds a little biographical. Moreover, I think this album in many ways is very personal for the musicians. Its every aspect was carefully thought through, refined and there is no trace of accident. This CD is like the picture which the artist has already signed and sent to the gallery. By all means, it?s a very good picture with hidden understatements. There are intentional overtones, metaphors and symbolism hidden in the sound, graphic and lyrics (at least in these fragments I had a chance to listen to). The album oozes maturity, awareness and consistency. As I listen to it I don?t know whether Stillborn could be named as a pure death metal band. Why? Because ?Los Asesinos del Sur? contains many elements from other subgenres. I mean these more brutal elements, of course. So, how can we name what Stillborn plays? No fucking need to name it at all. Blasphemous Metal that?s enough. But there?s no barbaric blasphemy, not so witless, empty, not so youthful and trailblazing as it was in the eighties. This is a conscious, premeditated, brutal blasphemy against a treacly vision of the world and against ?holy? banals which nowadays are served day by day by a bigger or smaller authorities of the world. This blasphemy is factually prepared. Substantively and tactically. This album seems to breathe stinking awareness of how this world is fucking disgusting and what in fact is going on around. Consider the ?Hymn of Destruction? which reminds us in an apocalyptic way that we shouldn?t have illusions. The world isn?t going to excellence but to (self-) destruction. And this is a perfect moment to sing the hymn. Stillborn does it. It is a perfect song with tempo changes, which Stillborn accustomed us to, like melodic riff in the middle and agonizing short solo. "Hymn ...", my favorite on the album, is preceded by a slight feature, "966 Overture," which in fact does the same as an intro. The alarm sound, heralding air raid or invasion, clearly defines how we should receive this ?glorious? date. What?s the date 966? I think anyone who learned Polish history knows it. For some it?s the beginning of proper (whatever it means) Polish state. For others it?s the moment when freedom was ?sold? and truth was smothered. It was sold for lies which are still present and have flourished so much that they cannot be eradicated. Perhaps a ?little? extermination could help... ?Diamonds of the Last Water? is a fast, dynamic and very expressive song. There?s no motif that has been used by many bands: for three fucking blasting, for four slowing-down for a while then blasting again. Oh no, no, no! Here it works naturally as if created spontaneously, but at the same time put in order. I'm not sure if I understood the meaning of this work correctly, and whether it refers to Aristotle's economic theory of water and diamond paradox, but that was my impression. But this is still a laughter of the murderer conscious of and scoffing at the fact that when a last drop of the precious water dries, diamonds will remain, so desirable now but totally worthless. The hope dies again. It?s another shot in the neck of life as such. Damn, this has become too lengthy? In fact I could just chew each song, but I can?t do that to you. It would be too easy. You have to reach for this brilliant music.
       The murderers from the south made a very death / thrash album. It sounds as if you mixed (not copied!) together the old albums by Kreator, Sarcofago, Autopsy, Vulcano, Sepultura and then added an interesting natural analog sound, though embedded in today's recording possibilities. In total, the reference in the title brings me yet to another conclusion. This album has a lot to do with the South American scene. The same sultry, inevitable atmosphere of destruction. Recently I felt something like that when I listened to Force of Darkness "Darkness Revelation". The same climate. The same musical eclecticism. The album contains many flavours, shades, riffs and, speaking street language, a lot of very interesting patents, whom I can't analyse from a pure technical point of view. I'm not a trained musician, so I could pass for an idiot very easily. But from the listener's point of view it looks much better. There?s a lot to talk about, though the best is to listen to, of course!
       The great artwork completes the composition/The composition is completed by great artwork. The paintings of young artist Kamil Kukla and the graphic design made by ataman Tolovy create, in my opinion, some kind of a guide, a well composed puzzle. Just like solving a criminal riddle it makes the things clearer when you are listening to the music, reading the lyrics and watching the artwork all together. Here we have a mix of talented painter deeds with ?atamanic? dirt, premeditated filth. It?s a great advantage. Among a deluge of worse or better digital works, in the time when everyone wants to be an artists, this thing is precious. Regarding the band members I don't want to commend each of them separately, but gentlemen ? hats off! You did a great job. You have to be proud of this album because the smell of sweat, blood, sulphur, gun powder and dead bodies emanates from it. Pure dainty! Hah hah...
       With this album Stillborn murders all dellusions, hopes, positive emotions. Paradoxically, it gives back the power which only a professional killer has got. He kills. And with each life taken his power grows. The album is definitely not pleasant. Not smooth, not polished. And damn fucking hell, it has all these things for which I beloved metal many years ago! Full recommendation!


Added: February 28th 2012
Reviewer: MARCKUS
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