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from 29 August 2007


       Ive been waiting for this album for quite a long time. The advertising machine, working its way through the world in 2011 only sharpened my appetite for Misanthropy. The record promoting two new compositions, interviews, concerts and the vinyl edition of Deviliri made the atmosphere of expectation even thicker. With it my uncertainty grew, what new will the commando from Ł鏚ź present on this new album, or perhaps nothing. Now I can assure everyone its ok.
       From the moment I received the material till the day of writing this review its been a while, but the time was not wasted. Every spare minute served the purpose of getting to know the new material of the Ł鏚ź crew. I dismantled it to pieces and assembled again and I recorded my thoughts on this matter deep in my mind. Writing it was more difficult as so much stuff gathered inside that I wasnt able to control it. Again, after a break, I sat down to listen to the material and I discovered it once again, without analyzing it or any thoughts about it either. I decided to trust the emotions arising in the process of Misanthropy. The emotional way seems better for discovering both musical and lyrical contents of this album. The album knocks you out with its atmosphere. Thick, dark, gloomy. Atmosphere which gives no hope. It brings you down, overpowers you, attacks thoughts and gives no opportunity for defense. To surrender to it means at the very least suffering from depression and at worst insanity and madness. Apart from this, the album drips with sulphur. Infernal power, which joined with insanity, overpowers your soul (if you have one at all). All this is accompanied by fantastic riffs, majestic drums, crushing bass and devilish vocals. All in perfect harmony and set on achieving one goal. To ensnare, possess and evoke reflections. And they wont be beautiful and bright. Its enough to refer to the title to notice it and later read the lyrics, which combined with the music layer, wreak havoc in your head.
       I must warn you that Misanthropy is not an easy album. You need time to get to know with this kind of music. Listening to it in the course of everyday chores kills the power hidden inside this music. It will destroy everything Paul and his crew worked on. The compositions on the album are perfectly arranged and have many hidden good points, surfacing only after careful reading and listening, and they will appear many times. Whats more, this album is an excellent combination of old and new. From the very beginning we know who is responsible for these sounds. Pandemonium, throughout the years, created their characteristic style and this album is theirs, through and through, but the guys are not afraid to use the new music solutions and they use them bravely. Producers watch over the whole album. The sound is properly contaminated, massive and pitch-black and totally clear at the same time. Vocal parts are a bit hidden behind the instrumental parts and properly muffled, which only increases their intensity and devilish character. And they are clearly heard, one doesnt have to make any effort to hear each line. The greatest point of this material is the last composition closing the album. The title composition with recited Polish lyrics. It summerises the whole and completes the work of destruction.
       Last year was very good for our native metal music. Heavy crop of good albums seemed endless. The question is will 2012 be as prolific. So it seems and the new Pandemonium album confirms it. With such beginning as Misanthropy gives, it cant be bad. Its just the beginning of new year but Im sure that with its end Pandemonium will climb up to the top of the charts. Misanthropy is a complete album, in every way. Finally, in my opinion, its the best work of the horde of Ł鏚ź!


Added: January 18th 2012
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