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from 29 August 2007
LESHAK - Strong metal base and a folk hurricane all over it.

Attention, attention for these guys !!! They play fast, aggressive and hard. They have a very good sense of humor and love the folk atmosphere. For questions Psycho Zine responsible, leader and guitarist, Redgoat.

What are your feelings after the release of your newest material?

We are greatly satisfied with the work we`ve done. Perhaps, we could say that all of us breathed a sigh of relief, because the work was so tough and took a lot of energy and time. And that's the reason why the release of our new album made us feel so genuinely happy.

Where in your minds the idea of folk metal music? Who inspired you?

We think that the very idea of folk metal is drunkenness, debauchery, rollicking tunes and merciless slam/mosh at the concerts. The more fervent, cheerful and severe our music is, the better satisfied we are. Although there is always a place for some deep feelings and longing for the time gone by long ago. But that`s all bullshit, of course, and we never had an interest in something like that :) Who inspired us?.. Well, perhaps everyone in part. Folk bands and death bands. It`s not like you can say "Oh, yeah, that was them!" There`s no specifics.

"Пустосвят" is probably the best Russian material, which appeared so far in 2012. A great album with a very wide and original sound, very melodic and taking in a strong metal accents. That was your idea in making this material?

Thank you for such pleasant words. We thank all of our listeners! And if I got it right - yeah, that was exactly how we planned our material to be. Strong metal base and a folk hurricane all over it. As someone said "Сannibal Сorpse meets with folk metal"
Although we don`t have a claim for CC`s laurels :)

How do you rate this material compared to your debut?

Oh, that is simple! Every member of Leshak can say that our new material is more aggressive and strong, and more melodic at the same time compared to the first album. The funny thing is that some of our audience expressed the idea that our first album was far more original and melodic. That was really surprising for us.

Is the change Yours publisher influenced for your comfort work in studio?

To be honest, it hardly had an influence on our work in studio. Both times we paid for the recording on our own, never involving any labels. Well, anyway we got what we wanted working with Shaddar from Blacklight Studio again.

What about the promotion of your album? Some tour, concerts in the country, abroad?

Of course we make concerts - 2 or 3 gigs a month in Russia, on the average. Since all band members are working people, we never had a big tour in Russia yet. As for the concerts abroad - well, we are always ready to take up the call and come and have a fucking good time with our foreign fans!

Please introduce Leshak members?

Redgoat - guitars, also he`s the founder of the band.
Frontline - vocals, man whose deep growl awakens all the cemeteries near at hand.
Owl - bass,
Tchortovrog - drums. Plates, marches

Your lyrics are interesting and very original, where did the idea for it?

We take the ideas from books and also from everyday life, which is full of funny and absurd stories, if you look for it.The most part of the lyrics is about the relationship of an ordinary people with the world beyond, hidden from the others. And almost all the lyrics, despite their brutality and cruelty, contain unique lessons for lazy fellows.

How do you rate folk metal scene inEurope? What place takes Russian scene?

European folk metal scene is really widespread, unique and diverse. And, as in any other music genre, it has its own leaders, pleasing their fans for many years - Finntroll, In Extremo, Cruachan, and many others. In my opinion, european metal scene is one of the best in the world at the moment. As for Russia - we have a quite good one, which also has its leaders. I guess you might know the better - Arkona, Satanakozel, Svarga, Wolfmare, and unfortunately broken up Alkonost and Pagan Reign. In general Russia has a great folk heritage, which provides an exellent opportunity to perform folk metal and promote it both in the country and abroad.

Which bands from Russia should pay attention?

In the addition to what I mentioned earlier, I`d like to draw your attention to the band Grai (Грай) - beautiful and melodic folk with female vocals; Anabioz (Анабиоз) - great folk doom; Dukhi Predkov (Духи Предков) - melodic folk with heavy metal base.; Buhurt (Бугурт) - folk punk with pipes, balalaika and a huge dose of fun. However, that is only IMHO :)

What would you like to pass Polish folk metal fans?

Stay true, stay evil :) Love your culture, make slam and circlepits on the concerts. I hope we`ll meet someday and have a great time together!

Last words?

Only youth, only brutal folk!

This interview on exclusiveness of PSYCHO MAGAZINE wrote Rafał Wr鏏lewski.
Foto: sergey.kurkin


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