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from 29 August 2007
PANDEMONIUM - We entered the studio and after recording drums and bass only I knew its gonna be totally fun-fuckin-tastic. And it is!!

this band doesnt need introduction and Im not going to present one. The only thing Ill say is that after almost five years their next album has been released. Majestic and gloomy Misanthropy. And this album is the thing Im going to talk about with the leader of the Lodz horde. Ladies and gents I present Paul!
Hi Paul. This passing year was very busy for you. Releasing the vinyl version of Devilri, loads of interviews and concerts. Apart from this you created Misanthropy. Dont you feel a little tired? Or maybe on the contrary, the whole commotion around Pandemonium charged you with positive energy?

I feel that I did my duty well. I feel, or better to say, Im perfectly sure that all the things that happened to us for these past few months was something the band needed badly. Each factor you mention is another step to strengthen the position of the band on our native territory, at least for now. The commotion is one thing. It doesnt matter what and how we are talked about the important thing is that we are talked about. Im looking forward to see the results and effects of Misanthropy, opinions of our fans, critics, people from the music business. Well see.

Pandemonium accustomed its fans to long time between their albums. What was the main cause of the break lasting almost 5 years between Hellspawn and Misanthropy?

I think thats just how it was supposed to be. The material on Misanthropy is a carefully chosen fury of sounds, tamed chaos. A mature thing. Like old wine. Unfortunately, it takes time. If we released something, say, a year or two after Hellspawn, it would certainly be different and Im afraid it would be simply worse. Not so well-thought out and without all the emotions accompanying creating Misanthropy.

When did the first attempts to work on the new material appear?

First ideas appeared about 4 years back. As you all know very well, the material was created for quite a long time. Now I can see that this time was optimal for the factual layer of the album. Haste would make a bad advisor. Good and quickly seldom meet.

What does it feel like when the material for a new album is finished and you hold a record which will very soon get into hands of fans yearning for your music?

Very strong emotions appear. You realize that its your next creation. You know that soon youll be sharing it with others. Its very exciting. Rises the adrenaline level. At the same time you know that you leave something when youre gont. You know that you use the universal language of music and that soon your voice will be heard. You know that youve said what you wanted to say. And you know that its not your last word.

Misantropy means hatred towards mankind". Why is your seventh album called like this?

Unfortunately my friend, you live in the same world as me and you know yourself how things are. I focused on this worse side of human nature because it dominates peoples minds. Im not totally convinced if a human being has this other, better side. Im afraid not. Apart from outstanding people living on a higher level of existence.

The lyrics refer to the title of your album. Whats Misanthropy about?

You should just read it. Draw your own conclusions. I hope interpret accurately. Lyrics of Misanthropy create a sequence of connected situations, conclusions, thoughts which accompanied me during the four years of gathering my thoughts. I also introduced into the material, in a metaphorical sense, a tragic event which shocked me to the core. 23 December 2010 my friend Paweł Jeziorski, hanged himself. A day before the Christian Christmas Eve. To this day I dont know how it could happen. Nobody understands it. I wanted to honour him in a way, including what I included Misanthropy. Thats all I could do.

The lyrics are written by you while the music... not totally. The whole band worked on it. How were the compositions on Misanthropy and who had the final word on the matter?

The whole band holds the credit for the material on Misanthropy. Without Simon there wouldnt be such drumming as there is. Without Marek there wouldnt be such great riffs and psychedelic solos. And without Michał we wouldnt have the crushing bass. And me? Well. I always have my finger on the pulse and add my things to everything. Im surrounded by aura and this reeking, visionary damned coat of darkness.

The album was recorded in Viriam Art Studio in Lodz. What, apart from the proximity, influenced your choice of the studio?

The professionalism of Piotrek Tyszkiewicz is unquestionable. Despite more of rock roots he stems from, he was excellent while we were creating Misanthropy. I can easily say that he is a universal producer and musician. I recommend this man with all responsibility. The fact that the studio is close gave us another advantage. No pressure as for the time of recording the material. You know, there are good days and bad days. The bad stuff went to the bin and the good is now presented to you on the CD.

The graphics project presents itself great. Who created it and what does the cover symbolize?

The cover was my creation. It just happened. The place of the title and the logo was suggested by Ataman Tolovy for which Im very grateful to him. Cause this little thing, seemingly unimportant, appeared to be a right accent in this simple but very meaningful design. Evil has many faces. Thats all of us on the other side of the mirror. Be scared, then.

The album will be released in the first months of the new year. Because of this, for the first quarter of the year you will mainly promote the new material. Are you planning any concert during this time and if yes where can one see you and face the 'stage power' of your new compositions?

In spring 2012 we start our weekend concert. Ive already got several gigs set at 99%. The rest is being organized and set. Well inform you about the venues when everything is finalized at 100%. We also want to take part in larger events, summer fests. But I wont talk about it now.

You invited a few guests to record some stuff with you. Could you shed some light on who they are?

In Stones Are Eternal and the title song Misanthropy we featured Androniki Skoula from Greece. Shes involved in Greek Chaostar and has something to do with with Rotting Christ and Septic Flesh. We were brought together by Artur Urbanek, to whom I would like to give great thanks. We emailed with Androniki and it happened. See for yourselves the results of her work. I get shivers when I listen to it. Another guest was Khorzon from Arkon and Musorgski. He made the great intros and backgrounds. Probably hell join Pandemonium and stay with us. With such a musician the new material will be f*** great. Im scared already.

Promo 2010 cleared the path for Mizanthropy, what was the reception of this short material? Did you expect it?

Nobody expected such a great reception of Promo 2010. And I didnt expect that itll set free all the ideas, which were included on this two-song album. We went ahead big time with ideas. You can hear the musical momentum. It was a good step and a prelude before Misanthropy.

What are your expectations about the new material?

I hope youll like the material. I also hope it will be understood well and will last a long time in your hearts. I hope it will reach wherever the promotion tentacles of Godz Ov War Production and Pagan Records reach. I dont think that our old, faithful fans will be disappointed by this material. I just dont believe it.

In the closing, title song you used recitation and Polish lyrics. Why does this specific song have the Polish text and what's it about?

Because it is the essence of the whole album and expresses so much. I thought that the Polish lyrics will be perfect in this one. I was right. With Andronikas vocals it creates really great, dark piece on a high level. When you put the pieces on the album in an order, you want to do it strategically to grade the atmosphere, provide perfect doses of emotions. If you put them right the success is sure. I think we did just that.

I know that every band says that their latest album is their best material. I want you to tell me what does this album mean for you and for the band, and where would you place it in you Best of Pandemonium chart?

Fortunately or unfortunately, Misanthropy is our best album. We havent recorded a better album so far. Sure, Hellspawn and Gat Etemmi I still undoubtedly consider great albums. Years of experience, conversations, actions after releasing Hellspawn came to fruition with a new, fresh look on some things. With Piotrek Tyszkiewicz from Viriam Art Studio we discussed several options about the sound and so on. We entered the studio and after recording drums and bass only I knew its gonna be totally fun-fuckin-tastic. And it is!

2011 was a year of many excellent albums on Polish metal stage. What influenced this phenomenon in your opinion?

Maybe the accumulation of the positive energy, painstaking work of darkness or just a coincidence influenced all this. I dont know. I can only speak for myself. On our side it was the result of hard work, arguments, compromises, long years of talking, drinking vodka and schizophrenic travels to hell and back.

Its time to end our little chat. Thanks for the interview and congrats on your great album. One more thing, tell me why its worth to get to know Misanthropy?

I also thank you for this interview. Everyone should listen to Misa at least once because its a unique album, most loved, timeless and one of a kind. A daring one, at times experimenting and at the same time set and spiced with elements from good old Pandemonium. Its an alpha and omega. The beginning and the end. History likes to repeat itself. They say nothing happens twice. I dont believe it because it has already happened. You dont enter the same water twice? I do it all the time.

This interview on exclusiveness of PSYCHO MAGAZINE wrote Sylwester Sly Sadowski.

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