Scream! (comics)

Scream!  was a British weekly horror comic anthology that was published for 15 issues by IPC Magazines in 1984.

Controversy over horror comics (1955) , under which the first prosecution occurred in 1970.  [1]  The editorial approach to  Scream!  was made of the most controversial precursors, making it more tongue-in-cheek for younger readers, as evidenced by its coverline “not for the nervous”.  [2] Read more “Scream! (comics)”

Solomon Kane (comics)

Solomon Kane  is a fictional character created by the pulp- writer Robert E. Howard . He was featured in several  comics  published by Marvel Comics in the 1970s and 1980s. Dark Horse Comics began publishing a new series of Kane stories in 2008 , and also published collections of the 1970s Marvel stories in 2009. Read more “Solomon Kane (comics)”

Nailbiter (comic)

Nailbiter  is an independent horror comic book series that was created by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson, with Henderson.  [1]  [2]  The series is published by Image Comics and its first issue was released on May 7, 2014.  [3]  As of May 2017 the series has been collected into six volumes. The final monthly issue, number 30, was published in March 2017. Read more “Nailbiter (comic)”

Misty (comics)

Misty  was a British comic for girls published by Fleetway in London from 4 February 1978 until 19 January 1980, when it merged with  Tammy  . (The name continued as  Tammy and Misty  until 1984.)  Misty  was a collection of many small strips, with the stories themselves being long or four pages long. As well as the weekly comic, Christmas annuals were also published. Read more “Misty (comics)”